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2019-03-20 15:04:14

After booking your vacation, you’re now ready to embark on your cruise trip, but have you packed your suitcase? Packing for your cruise vacation, unlike any land-based getaway means you apply a different set of rules. In case you are wondering what to bring on your first cruise vacation, here is a guideline that lets you know the essential items to pack.

1. Comfortable Shoes

Even though you will spend most of your time relaxing on-board when on an excursion at a port of call, you will go ashore to see and explore some sights. Note that many cruise ports are perfect for a guided walking tour. For this reason, you need to pack comfortable walking shoes, as these allow you to explore the ports for many hours.

2. A jacket

Even if you are heading somewhere where you expect temperatures to be hot, you should still pack a cardigan or jacket that will help keep the cold night breeze at bay. The jacket will also come in handy when watching the stars in the night sky on the upper deck.

3. Bathing Suits & Cover Ups

Most people prefer to go on Caribbean vacation cruises because they want to spend time swimming in the pool and during the shore excursions, they like to spend time on the beach. You should carry at least two bathing suits because it often takes a while for these to dry out.

If you’re considering Western Caribbean cruise sailings, the travel experts from Celebrity Cruises say that an opportunity to tour along the Mexican Caribbean allows you to sink your feet into the powdery white beaches – considered one of the best in the world.

4. Formal Attire

For most vacation cruises, you should pack a formal outfit for the formal night. For the ladies, this could either be a ball gown or a nice dress. Men, on the other hand, should carry a collared shirt, tie, trousers, and some dress shoes to complement the look. While men on such cruises can wear a tuxedo or suit, it isn’t really a requirement on most of the cruise lines.

5. A Small Waterproof Bag

You really don’t want to worry about your belongings while you frolic in the waves. Carry a small waterproof bag that you can always hang around your neck. Use it to carry your ID, money, and keys.

6. Books and Digital Movies

If you plan to bring your e-reader or tablet, it is advisable that you download TV shows, movies, books, and music before leaving home. Note that downloading on-board the cruise liner might incur you huge data costs.

7. Sunscreen

Since you’ll mostly be visiting the hot areas, you should remember to carry enough bottles of sunscreen, especially if you don’t want to come back home from holiday with red, peeling skin. Even if your travels will mostly take you to colder destinations, sunscreen will still come in handy to protect you from the reflection of the sun that comes off the ice or water.

So there you have it! Since it is so easy to forget some of the little things mentioned, we thought it would be wise to put together an essentials packing list for your next cruise vacation. Regardless of your itinerary, the travel essentials listed are things you must remember to pack when going on any cruise.

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