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2019-10-09 16:28:58

Admirable leaders most likely aren't cutthroat, but instead inspire confidence and loyalty.They're decisive, and stick with the choice they've made. But they're also transparent about the rationale that got them there.Even if they're busy, they're still accessible enough that it's not necessary to jump through hoops to reach them.Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

Think of a leader you hold in high regard. What are their admirable traits that you value the most?

Chances are that the person who comes to mind isn't hard-driving or cutthroat. In fact, when a Robert Half survey asked workers what they believe are the most important attributes for a corporate leader, the very last response was competitiveness.

Whether you're looking for your next workplace or aspire to join the senior management team someday, you should be aware of which types of leadership skills inspire most people's confidence and loyalty. Even if you have zero desire to manage others, possessing sought-after traits will make you a more valuable colleague and employee.

Here are some of the leadership qualities survey participants were asked to rate. These might be some you want to cultivate: Steve Saah
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