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2019-11-08 14:56:15

{"title":"Park Hyatt New York Unveils $50K Per Night Suite | One Mile at a Time","alias":"park-hyatt-new-york-unveils-50k-per-night-suite-one-mile-at-a-time-1573221403343-P72l6LLH5g","url":"","canonicals":[""],"description":"The Park Hyatt New York has a new $50,000 per night suite. But this isn't actually part of the hotel. Here's what's going on.","content":"

The Park Hyatt New York is Hyatt’s flagship property, and this week they’re turning heads with a new suite they just introduced… or did they?

The Park Hyatt New York Manhattan Sky Suite

The Park Hyatt New has this week introduced the Manhattan Sky Suite, which is a suite that retails for $50,000 per night, with a seven night minimum. So yeah, a stay here will cost you at least $350,000.

The suite is 4,200 square feet and is located on the 59th floor of the ultra-lux One57 building.

The suite has three bedrooms and three and a half baths, and boasts amazing views of Central Park. Here are some pictures of this insane suite:

Now, if you’re sitting here asking yourself if this room is really worth $50,000 per night, here’s something that may sway your opinion.
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