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2019-11-12 10:19:04

Pedro Pascal stars as the title bounty hunter on The Mandalorian. Disney/Lucasfilm

The new streaming service Disney Plus launched Tuesday, and with it came the very first episode of a Star Wars live-action series called The Mandalorian. The pilot episode of this new show ends with a surprising revelation about the target of the show's main bounty hunter, who is known simply as the Mandalorian (and played by Pedro Pascal).

The revealed character might confuse anyone who doesn't know when The Mandalorian takes place within the greater Star Wars timeline, because that character is not who you might think upon first sight.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the first episode of The Mandalorian.

The Mandalorian will air a new episode every Tuesday on Disney Plus.Disney/Lucasfilm

In the closing minutes of The Mandalorian pilot episode, the bounty hunter finally tracks down a secretive and seemingly dangerous asset he's been commissioned to retrieve.

The Mandalorian opens a small, cradle-like container, and finds what looks like a baby Yoda.

Yoda in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Lucasfilm

But it can't possibly be the actual Yoda we know and love from the Star Wars universe.

The Mandalorian takes place after the original trilogy movies, in which Yoda was said to be about 900 years old. The Jedi master died in Return of the Jedi, and was seen in the later films as a Force ghost. If you want to see a visual chart of how The Mandalorian fits into the chronology of every Star Wars movie and TV show, read through our timeline here.

So if the little baby creature with green skin, pointy ears, and distinctly Yoda-ish features isn't Yoda himself, then who is it? 

What 'The Mandalorian' has revealed so far about the young asset

The Client wears Empire insignia and has Stormtrooper guards, so it's safe to assume he's connected to the fallen Empire.Disney/Lucasfilm

At the start of The Mandalorian, we see the main bounty hunter get a new job referral from Greef Karga (played by Carl Weathers). Karga sends the Mandalorian to the unnamed Client (Werner Herzog). 

We aren't told much about the Client, other than that he's working within back channels among the bounty hunters' guild. The commissioned job is done without the normal traceable exchange of goods like a bounty puck. The Client doesn't even have a description of the asset other than its age (50 years old) and last known location, along with a tracking fob. 

The Client tells the Mandalorian they want the asset alive. He's working with a man called Doctor Pershing (Omid Abtahi). 

The Client also says he'll accept the asset dead for half the price, as long as the Mandalorian can confirm termination. At this, Dr. Pershing protests. Clearly the asset's continued existence is more important to Dr. Pershing than it is to the Client. 

But we don't know why. 

The Mandalorian and the small Yoda-like creature.Disney/Lucasfilm

When the Mandalorian arrives at the location where the asset is being held, he finds a bounty droid already there. 

The droid, IG-11 (Taika Waititi) says he has been commissioned to retrieve the asset, too. When he and the Mandalorian finally fight their way past the dozens of guards and find the little baby, IG-11 does not hesitate.

Wait, the Mandalorian says upon seeing the baby. They said 50 years old.

Species age differently, IG-11 replies. Perhaps it could live many centuries. Sadly, we'll never know.

No. We'll bring it in alive, the Mandalorian says. 

The commission was quite specific, IG-11 says. The asset was to be terminated.

This makes it seem as if IG-11 was commissioned by someone other than the Client and Dr. Pershing. The droid raises its gun at the baby, and then the Mandalorian shoots and terminates IG-11, protecting the young creature.

Yoda's species was always kept secret by George LucasLuke Skywalker and Yoda together in the original Star Wars trilogy.Lucasfilm

Though fans may have discussed Yoda's potential species among themselves, Star Wars creator George Lucas never identified the creature's origins. Yoda and another Jedi character, Yaddle, were the only of their kind ever seen in Star Wars movies and TV shows, and not even their home planet was mentioned. 

The inclusion of a new character of the same species as Yoda makes for a surprising and intriguing addition to the Star Wars canon. 

For now, we're left with far more questions than answers. Hopefully more will be revealed in the weeks to come on The Mandalorian. There will be eight total episodes of the TV show, premiering each Tuesday on Disney Plus. 

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